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A warm welcome to Luciana Corp...

Offering Creative Kinesiology, Reiki/Energy healing and crystal therapy..

In her words...

I am intuitive, creative and logical in nature alongside having a deep curiosity for wellbeing, empowerment and life. I love creating whether its cooking, gardening, writing, singing, or making pieces of art – these are all important to me in my life to feel a sense of joy. As well as swimming and daily walking where I commune with nature.

I believe in being part of the local community and offer my time and skills.

My purpose is to support, to be a guide for others in a way which honours the person offering compassion, rootedness, curiosity, and space.

Curating sessions which are led by your body’s wisdom, offering space for your internal navigator to co-create a way to return to health.

Being diagnosed in my early twenties with an auto immune condition, I turned my focus onto my wellbeing and health. Expanding my own knowledge and intuitively being guided to deepen my own relationship with myself. This deepening showed me how to listen to my body and enquire what a particular part of me was feeling, thinking and what that area/organ needed to regain a sense of wellbeing and balance. At this time, I started reading and expanding my learnt knowledge on energy healing, astrology, and nutrition.

The natural world around me, has always been a place of peace, joy, restorative and feeling of wholeness.

In 2003, I started my journey learning Reiki. This was a great support, especially with my young son at the time, as well as my own health challenges. 2004 qualifying as a Colour Therapist and initiating my relationship with Crystals alongside Essences, of which I became a practitioner in 2005/6. Whilst on my crystal training I worked with muscle testing, which intrigued me, and which I really enjoy, due to its ability to empower clients. I became a Creative Kinesiologist in 2010, offering a gentle way to listen to the persons innate wisdom and provide the requirements needed to bring themselves back to a sense of wellbeing, balance, and health.

Due to my love, and dedication for holistic/energetic practices, I became a teacher offering workshops and courses for others to participate. I feel passionate about people being able to learn ways of returning to health for themselves and share this as much as possible.

I am currently in my second year training to become a Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapist, qualifying Summer 2024.


Your body’s wisdom will lead the session through muscle testing, offering space for your internal navigator to co-design a session with returning to health, and sense of wellbeing as the destination.

Your body will feel this as an invitation to empower yourself on your journey home within, with muscle testing. Techniques are gentle yet powerful discovering barriers, and blocks supporting along with encouraging release of physical, emotional, and thought form tensions, allowing your body to restore, recharge, and realign returning your body’s natural rhythm back to balance.

Typically, clients arrive with an array of life challenges, which include trauma, chronic stress, illness, depression, overwhelm, feeling out of sorts, repetitive injury for an example. Being supported and witnessed throughout the session to arrive at a place within yourself with a renewed sense of self.

Every session is unique and bespoke blending: Creative Kinesiology, Reiki, Crystal therapy, Colour & Essences along with intuitive sound and verbal skills.

I am happy to offer a fifteen minute chat so you can discover how I can support you on your journey to improved health, wellbeing, sense of self and purpose.

To get in touch with Luciana email

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