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Restorative Yoga with Jasmine

This week I had a catch up with the lovely Jasmine - Jas has two restorative yoga sessions at the centre and this is her story and introduction to the practice; -

'I am trained in Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga. My teaching style weaves in traditional practice with somatics, holistic breath and movement work and the wisdom of natural cyclical life.


In the last year, Restorative Yoga really landed with me as a practice to embody in difficult and stressful times. It carried me through times of low energy and emotions, when sometimes it was a struggle to even get out of bed, let alone on my mat! It was my anchor in a stormy sea, pulling me back to the surface; and within this practice I discovered the incredible healing powers of deep rest. It is now a regular part of my own self-care practice, and something I am passionate about sharing with others, so that they too can experience how transformative rest can be!

On Fridays 90min Restorative Yoga session, I hold you in a cosy sanctuary of warmth and protection.

Beginning with a soothing guided pranayama practice, balancing our energy through the breath..

Leading into a slow and gentle mat based flow, to allow the body to move and ease tension..

Followed by our deeply supported asanas, using bolsters and props, to sink into a naturally relaxed state, calming the mind, body, and soul..

Culminating in a nourishing extended savasana, carrying you into deep relaxation, peace, and more..


One Monday a month, I hold a dedicated space for women to join me practising Restorative Yoga. The sessions embody all of the transformative rest aspects of the Friday sessions, but have a theme connective to the seasons of the female life cycle, moon cycle, pelvic health, and feminine energy and wisdom.

These sessions are honouring, and accessible, to women at all stages of the life cycle from menarche to post menopause.

In a world that is so focussed on doing, that at times can feel so busy and overwhelming and that guilts you for doing nothing; we forget the transformational effect rest has on our bodies, nervous systems and lives.


To take time to honour rest and it’s fundamental benefits, I believe, essential for our longevity and healing not only as individuals but as a collective.

In Restorative Yoga we connect with all aspects of ourselves breath, body and soul, we come into a state of being, not doing; where we can truly relax and release tension, in deep peaceful rest.

There are so many ways we can practice getting a little more rest in our lives, but attending a class dedicated to honouring rest as a self care, and self practice and health modality empowers us to recognise and value it’s place in our lives.


I offer concessions, block bookings, and an online space to bring rest to any that feel called to join me.

Message, or call – 07745239731

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