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Therapist Thursday - Meet Tara Dominick.

This week we talk to coach, trainer, celebrant, and leader of our weekly "Grief Speaks" workshops, Tara Dominick. Tara talks to us about Grief Speaks... a forthcoming series of workshops that help people to express and heal.

"It has been my experience that expressing grief is a much easier way to live with it than suppressing it. In these sessions I use creative prompts to encourage grief writing. So many people are barely existing within the day to day or at work as they deal with huge loss and the energy it takes to mask it. Grief Speaks allows a little respite. A chance to feel in communion with your loved one and create a small monument to them through the writing process. In so doing we can go some way towards finding a little 'peace in grief'. When grieving we are at the raw edge of our humanity, extra sensitive and fragile. The company of others who are on the same journey, can be supportive. The grief poetry and prose people make can be a threshold to a new beginning. My workshops are ultimately comforting and up-lifting. Grief can be a friend when we break the taboo and speak freely. The poem below I wrote in the midst of my own grief in 2019 after my mum passed. For this poem I used snippets and words taken from an article as I allowed my eye to be drawn, to shape and form to express a perspective on grief.

The Colour of Loss. I remember vividly Maddened with grief, When I came to my senses, My grief is not exclusive I wrapped myself in a blanket, Put on a warm jumper, Looked out the window

The sky was orange not blue

A year that had seemed meaningless

Yet full

Depicted in this moment,

The sweet seduction of loss I have learnt a little more

About what it means to be in communion ma

Sooner or later we all suffer loss,

And on this day it was orange.

Tara Dominick As a longtime trainer, coach and Funeral Celebrant, I am at ease helping people in this context and comfortable with the language of grief.

Here's what one of her clients had to say about Tara....

"Tara is amazing and really supported me through my own grief of losing, first my dad and later my mum. She brings such comfort and hope, which allowed me to move forward with my life at a time where I felt very stuck and lost. Thank you so much Tara."

To book onto our forthcoming Grief Speaks workshops email or call her on 07824 631379.

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