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Therapist Thursday! Meet Gemma Norris.

It’s Therapist Thursday! It's been a a little while since we last did a Therapist Thursday blog, so we thought it was about time we introduced you to another one of our talented Therapists!

This week we talk to Gemma Norris. Gemma has been a permanent fixture at the Centre for several years and can now be found working here at the Axminster Wellbeing Centre every Monday and Friday.

Gemma’s multi-faceted, holistic approach helps people heal through the use of Myofascial Release and Reiki. She is also the creator of the Love2Heal movement meditations, and the Facebook community - the Infinity Health Hub.

With the safe space that Gemma creates, she supports her clients to connect to their body, heart and soul, and to come to a place of self love, acceptance and a gentle inner peace.

Here’s what Gemma had to say about her philosophy and what she offers…

“As we are all unique, it is a process of understanding the causes of your ailments and, with ease and comfort, un-peeling the multi energetic layers of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings. To rekindle your inner fire and magic, honouring and harnessing your life force, with a greater awareness and depth of self."

“Everything in our lives is driven by our internal energy from our thoughts and emotions, conscious and subconscious, our health, our relationships, our work, our purpose… they are all one and are a reflection of each other. They are mirrors held from different angles, yet still reflect the same, the key is the perception!”

“When we journey inwards through listening and observing ourselves we can heal closer to a state of wholeness that emanates and influences our external world. The magic is the awareness of self and the conscious choices of how you wish to feel and be.”

As well as hands on treatments, she has also created a movement meditation practice called LOVE2HEAL. Gemma says..

"this supports the healing process, with a daily mantra of LOVE. To listen and observe your body, to understand the messages it carries for you to heal, to visualise how you truly wish to feel and allowing those high vibrational emotions, energy-in-motion to realign with each cell, a coherent oscillation, empowering you in your health and life."

Treatments with Gemma and the LOVE2HEAL movement meditation hold a unique and safe space for you to connect with your body, to find you again, to break free and release from old belief systems, patterns and emotions held in each of our trillion of cells and our subconscious that plays out for 99% of our daily lives, often subconsciously, creating our reality of our external world.

"The treatments and meditations holds space for our conscious awareness to expand, each time an opportunity for you to choose how you wish to feel and be in this world, to empower and realign with your heart, your soul and purpose, to connect and unlock your divine essence and blueprint of who you are, to fully love and accept and to step up with courage and curiosity into your power and light, unapologetically."

The Infinity Health Hub & LOVE2HEAL online course

Gemma will be launching her new online course, LOVE2HEAL, in late spring 2023, along with an exciting new initiative called The Infinity Health Hub, a platform of Health Empowerment, Science to Soul, empowering others in their health through awareness and conscious choices.

Pyjama Revolution

Gemma also founded The Pyjama Revolution, where she hosts live guided meditations via zoom on the first Sunday of each month at 20:30, to support our new neural pathways of self-awareness, love and acceptance. The meditations are free although donations are most appreciated.

To work with Gemma you can reach her on Tel: +44 7787 376043

Or you can find her hanging out on the Infinity Health Hub Facebook page,

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