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Spotlight on: Elizabeth Bray - Registered Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath.

It's Therapist Thursday and this week the spotlight is on Elizabeth Bray, Registered Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath.

Elizabeth's journey to working as a nutritional therapist and naturopath started when she needed to find answers to her own Fibromyalgia symptoms, following a spinal injury in 1998. Elizabeth began researching possible natural ways to alleviate her symptoms which eventually led her on a journey to study herbal medicine and health sciences at a degree level. Firstly with the Open University and the University of East London, graduating in 2005, followed by nutritional therapy and naturopathy diplomas in 2006.

In gaining this knowledge Elizabeth got a better understanding of which nutritional and lifestyle factors were affecting her symptoms, and gave her the information and support she needed, to completely resolve her Fibromyalgia symptoms over time.

She then understood the complex nutritional and lifestyle factors that contribute to health problems and disease. And the support and resolution of symptoms that dietary changes, supplements and herbal medicine provide.

She is now able to share her naturopathic and holistic approach, supporting her clients to restore their optimum health.

Elizabeth says...

My ongoing life and work in a farming environment, has given me the benefit of being outdoors and a passion for the natural world, animals, plants and herbal medicine.

I am passionate about the need for balanced nutrition and lifestyle, the impact this has on our health, at both physical and emotional levels, giving the ability to restore body and mind to optimum health.

What services do you offer?

I offer nutritional therapy and naturopathy health consultations. I am a BANT registered nutritional therapist and will evaluate your individual needs and use the extensive evidence base for nutrition science to develop a personalised, safe and effective nutrition and lifestyle programme for you.

· Initial consultation (60 minutes)

· Follow up appointments (40 minutes)

· Food Intolerance (IgG antibody) lab testing

· Health questionnaire to complete before your initial consultation, using the Practice Better App or desktop secure portal

· I will upload your protocol to follow and supplement prescription, following consultations and any lab test results, where you can also upload any GP test results for me to view.

What are the benefits of Nutritional Therapy?

My aim is to find the root cause of your symptoms and make specific recommendations to rebalance your health.

You may be experiencing menopausal symptoms, digestive discomfort, food intolerances and allergies symptoms, fatigue, post viral fatigue, poor sleep, low energy, weight problems, IBS, bloating, skin problems, anxiety, inflammation, Fibromyalgia, or hormonal problems.

At the consultation I will ask detailed questions about your symptoms, following the completion of a health form and two day food diary before the consultation. I then will give you a dietary protocol to follow, with a supplement (some herbal elements included) prescription to follow for 5 weeks.

At the 5 week follow up appointment, we will discuss progress and I will make further recommendations to optimise your health if needed.

The aim is to rebalance your health and vitality through specific dietary recommendations, supported with supplements and herbs.

How can People reach you to find out more?

To book an appointment or find out more you can reach me on 07980601670 or book online: or Email:


Axminster Health & Wellbeing Centre or Body Balance Nutrition, Meare Court Farm, Taunton TA3 6DA

Or by Practice Better secure video link App or desktop or telephone.

Web site:


Member of the IFM (Institute for Functional Medicine)

CNHC registered

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