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It's Therapist Thursday and this week, the focus is on... Gillian Perrow!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

When people think of the Axminster Wellbeing Centre, they think of Gillian Perrow. She is the heartbeat of the Centre.

Gillian is Chairperson, Trustee, and an amazing counsellor at the Centre who has helped countless local people to heal from traumas, and cope with life's challenges. Gillian says.... "Born in Middlesex, my varied career has taken me across the world and given me a wealth of experiences, for which I am grateful. I have two grown up children who I adore, they have been my greatest teachers.

My interest in supporting people was sparked in my early career as a nurse and residential social worker. When my children were growing up I ran pre-play and mother and toddler groups and worked in their primary school.

I have been involved in with self-development for over 35 years and led many self development groups in the UK and other countries.

Once my children were older I trained as a Relate counsellor, group leader, family counsellor and therapeutic mediator. I worked for Relate for 22years.

I run my own practice at Axminster Health & Wellbeing Centre where I am also Director and Chair of Trustees.

My counselling approach is integrative, person-centered and systemic which means I have a range of approaches to draw from. I offer counselling for couples and individuals.

Counselling can assist you to identify your own personal resources and capabilities, which can be hard to find during times of confusion, conflict or anxiety.

Counselling can help you to see your circumstances from a different perspective. Throughout the Counselling process you will be encouraged, supported and empowered to make positive changes. As well supporting you in coping with a current issue or crisis, we will identify tools you may need for the future, in order to appreciate and be kind to yourself. From this experience you can recognise and transform behaviours, accept change and move on.

The benefits of counselling vary from person to person as every process is completely individual, but can include...

· Increased confidence and self esteem

· Greater sense of self worth and personal awareness

· Better communication skills

· More intimate and satisfying relationships

· Feeling more empowered

· More success in chosen career

· Improved physical health and emotional wellbeing

· Having greater choice

· Feeling more alive/having more energy

I am committed to Continuous Professional Development and I attend conferences and training days regularly to keep up to date with new developments in the field.

I am a member of BACP and I adhere to their code of ethics. I am committed to working for the clients best interest; practicing confidentiality, having a transparent working contract and promoting the clients right to make their own decisions.

Do you feel that you would benefit from counselling? To work with Gillian contact her on....

Tel: 07877 721297



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