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Introducing T to our wellbeing team!

Tracey Bovingdon, know as T is joining us as an Intergrative Nutrition & Health Coach, Breathwork Facilitator & Pilates Instructor

This is what she had to say...

In the past I held board level positions and also ran my own businesses whilst juggling being a single parent of two girls. At one point I was Commercial Director for a new in initiative run by councils and public health called First for Wellbeing – helping the public to focus on health prevention. I then moved overseas and was running a Detox and Wellness Centre in Thailand when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer and this came at the end of many years of stress and emotional trauma. So I embarked on a journey of healing and took an integrative approach; taking the best of conventional medicine and combining alternative healing practices to reverse the cancer out of my body in 5 months. My oncologist said I had a Guardian Angel or was meant to be here as he had never seen such a recovery and such health throughout quite invasive procedures. So I studied everything I could and became determined to help others to heal and support their own health. I believe that given the right conditions we can all thrive. I became a qualified Integrative nutritionist & health coach and over the years also qualified in Breathwork, CBT, Corporate Mental Health and Pilates..and have practiced these over many years for incredible results. I was proud to be able to support the Macmillan cancer charity by becoming a Wellbeing Coach and now use my experience and qualifications to support others to heal and thrive.

I offer a range of therapies that includes Nutrition & allergy testing, individual and group Breathwork Sessions, Life/Wellbeing coaching and also Cancer – Healing and support. With Nutrition it is important for people to understand the direct impact that nutrition has on their health and often small adjustments can make a big impact. Quite often clients don’t realise that they have an allergy and just by having a simple but comprehensive allergy test they can get to the root of some of the key issues. I am also extremely passionate about Breathwork. This is an incredibly powerful healing modality – the body stores trauma and knows what it needs to heal. Once we give our bodies the right conditions we can truly thrive….by bringing oxygen deep into the body people are able to finally find balance, energy, clarity and deep healing.

Sadly 1 in 2 people in this country are now being diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime and it has never been a more critical time to support people to heal through the process and not only survive but thrive more than ever before. My Cancer Support service covers areas of nutrition, mindfulness, relaxation, alternative therapies and emotional support from someone who truly understands.

So whatever stage someone is at in their current journey I try to help people to understand that their health is their wealth and that by putting that first and by giving themselves the right conditions, they can heal themselves and feel better than ever.

The key benefits are that people feel empowered to take their health back and to take their wellbeing into their own hands. Not only do I support people through the healing process but give them tools that they can use easily and at anytime…and these are tools they have for life.

We all need help along the way and by being in a safe, empathetic and supportive environment with the right coach, we can take the focus away from the noisy mind and into the body; grounding us into our power and health.

We spend our lives focusing on the mind, listening to that voice inour heads and often ignoring our gut feeling.All of the work that I do encourages us to be more in our bodies, more grounded, more intuitive and trusting ourselves by listening to our body.Breathing in a conscious connected way, eating the right foods, moving our bodies, being more mindful of our thoughts and treating our bodies with love and respect we find the wholeness and the connection to ourselves and our power that can get eroded during our lives and the conditions we find ourselves in.

T can be contacted via:

Mobile: 07742 874067

Website (Contact Form):

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