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It's Therapist Thursday and, this week, we meet Jo Young. Jo is a Reflexologist, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner and also runs the very popular Past Life Regression sessions here at the Centre.

" Hi I'm Jo. My journey into holistic therapies started in 2012. I’d never heard , used or understood anything about them until I tried Reiki. My marriage was in tatters and I had 3 young children and just didn’t know where to turn. After my first Reiki session I felt an overwhelming sense of belonging to this new found treatment... it opened me up to so much more. Since then I have gone on to study many more therapies, especially when it comes to the power of the mind… the mind is a very powerful part of us all and, if we take good care of it, we also enable our bodies to follow suit keeping our spirits high. I am a very passionate therapist and take great pride in my work helping others to take care of themselves and to heal themselves. A healer does not heal another, a healer enables that person to heal themselves. I don’t profess to work any miracles. I listen, support and guide to the best of my abilities and always support a positive approach. Negativity is not in my vocabulary! I love hearing when someone I have supported has moved in a new positive direction, overcome challenges or is feeling so much better than they did.

So how does Reiki work?

Reiki works in your energy and auric field. We are all energy, and that energy can become stale, blocked and unhelpful in the body. So when a practitioner places their hand around the body they can pick up these blockages and channel a whole new higher energy by casting out those blockages and bringing through light and healing, assisting with a much needed feeling of well being and positivity. It’s also very good for balancing your mind and your emotions so if you suffer with anxiety or depression, or maybe an imbalance of hormones due to changes such as menopause, Reiki will help.

What other treatments do you provide?

Reflexology is another treatment I offer. Our feet are the road maps to our bodies and by applying pressure to certain points I can get everything flowing correctly again. I am very intuitive when healing and often pick up much more than the feet tell me. Reflexology is good for many ailments and can help those suffering with diseases of the body to cope better. It rejuvenates, detoxes and lifts us up, physically and mentally, not to mention being a very relaxing treatment to have done.

I also offer Hypnotherapy working with unconscious patterns and behaviours we have developed through traumatic events or because someone else has made you feel or think a certain way. When we are very relaxed our minds become more alert. They can digest and take in suggestions to change our thought processes for the better helping us to live happier lives. It is nothing at all like the stage hypnotists who have given it a bad name - there is no mind control. You are always aware of where you are and what is being said. You are in total control but you listen with your subconscious mind rather than your conscious one. It helps many things such as fears, anxiety, depression, weight loss, pain management and, if you really want to, you can also kick bad habits into touch.

I came into holistic therapies because I believe that reiki saved my life. It changed me as a person. It put me on my path. Helping others is all I really know now and I would love to help you too.

To find out more or book with me, you can find me on FB @goldenarrowhealing or on my website at Email

Call or Text 07875685285." Jo's next Past Life Regression Session will be held at the Axminster Wellbeing Centre on 2nd of December 2022 at 6pm. This will be a relaxing, group session where you are gently guided into a state of hypnosis and guided to explore your subconscious memories to discover possible previous lives. To book, or for more info, contact Jo on the details above.

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